2016 Spring Luncheon Meeting

On 18 May 2016, our Association held its Spring Luncheon Meeting at The Swan Club in Roslyn, New York. The weather was warm and sunny, and the event was enjoyed by 27 members and 16 spouses and guests. As usual, the schedule began with a cocktail reception with passed hors d’oeuvres, which was followed by a served luncheon.

During the luncheon, President Lou Sudholz conducted a brief business meeting, and reported regarding recent Association activities and plans for the rest of the year. He also discussed our tentative plans for observances during 2017 of the 100th Anniversary of the 77th Infantry Division.


As is customary, he began by recognizing the General Officers who were present: MG George E. Barker, MG William S. Crupe and MG William Terpeluk. COL Sudholz also welcomed a new member, LTC Ronald S. Willdigg, and presented him with a 77th wine glass and pin.


COL Sudholz introduced the new Commander of the 77th Sustainment Brigade headquartered at Fort Dix, COL Pamela L. McGaha, who gave a brief update regarding the current activities of the Brigade.


Later during the meeting, COL McGaha became our newest member, and was presented with a 77th wine glass and pin.


Our Director LTC Thomas P. Sullivan, Commander, 389th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, also gave a brief update regarding the current activities of the Battalion, and emphasized its desire to continue to provide logistical support for our memorial services.


COL Sudholz also introduced a guest, COL Joseph J. Massaro, a retired dental surgeon who served with several medical units of the 77th during his long career in the Army Reserve. He briefly described the activities of the Military Officer’s Club of Long Island, and encouraged our Association to work together with it. Our Director LTC Joseph Schroder is the current President of that organization.


The luncheon concluded with a popular raffle of five donated prizes conducted by COL Seymour Kaplan, the proceeds of which will go toward funding our memorial services.


In attendance were: MG George E. Barker; COL Lawrence M. Bellman with Mrs. Eileen Bellman; LTC Anthony J. Bilello; LTC Stephen J. Bishop, Jr.; COL Otis Brown, Jr.; COL Ivan Cornielle; MG William S. Crupe; SGM Leonard Finkelstein; LTC Edward V. Gronet, Jr.; LTC Alexander J. Hernandez and Mrs. Raquel Hernandez; COL David E. B. Husing; CW4 Stephen C. Josephs; CW4 Bernard M. Kaplan; COL Seymour Kaplan; LTC Charles J. Lercara with Mrs. Nancy Lercara; COL Edwin G. Logan; COL Joseph J. Massaro with Mrs. Nancy Massaro; COL Pamela L. McGaha; LTC Glennie L. Millard; CW5 Robert Neglia; LTC Pamela M. Niosi; LTC John W. Peterkin with Mrs. Ngoc T. Peterkin; SFC Ronald I. Peters with Mrs. Virginia Peters; Mrs. Ivy A. Richardson with Mrs. Eileen McKenzie; Mr. Malcolm R. Schade with Mrs. Cherie Schade; LTC Joseph Schroder; CW5 Paul M. Silverman; CSM Julius C. Stein with Ms. Peck Stein; COL Louis H. Sudholz, Jr. with Mrs. Joan Sudholz; LTC Thomas P. Sullivan; MG William Terpeluk; LTC Victor E. Tuohy; and LTC Ronald S. Willdigg.

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