1st BN,307th Inf Rgt

The current 1st Battalion, 307th Regiment serves as a Training Support Battalion providing guidance in such subjects as Counter Insurgency, Cultural Awareness, Counter Improvised Explosive Device, Police Mentorship Training, Law and Order, and Collective Task Operations Lane for the US Army Reserve and the US Army National Guard, as well as for units of the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, in preparation for deployment overseas. It is part of the 174th Infantry Brigade, First Army Division East, and it has inherited the lineage and honors of the original 307th Infantry Regiment. Officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned officers of the grade of E-5 or above, of the current 307th Regiment are eligible to join our Association, and applications from them are warmly encouraged.  (please see the Membership tab on this web site).

1-307th TSBN Staff Ride
307th Infantry Regiment Memorial Grove, Central Park
12 August 2014

On 12 August 2014, approximately 45 members and family of the 1st Battalion, 307th Regiment (Training Support Battalion) conducted their second annual “Staff Ride” by traveling from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ to visit the 307th Infantry Regiment Memorial Grove in Central Park. The group was led by LTC Terrance L. Johnson, Battalion Commander, and the unit’s new Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Timothy J. Jackson, both of whom spoke briefly about the importance of the lineage of the 307th Infantry Regiment to the current unit. Advance arrangements for the event had been coordinated with our Association by CPT Matthew K. Hilderbrand.

The group was met at the Memorial Grove by COL Louis H. Sudholz, Jr., President of our Association, and fellow Directors COL Edwin G. Logan, LTC John W. Peterkin, and Mr. Malcolm R. Schade. COL Sudholz welcomed the group and spoke about the activities of the 77th Infantry Division Reserve Officers Association, including its ongoing assistance to the 307th Infantry Veterans Society and their jointly conducted ceremonies in the Memorial Grove each June. COL Sudholz also introduced LTC Peterkin, who during his lengthy military career served as a member of the 307th for a period in the early 1960s.

COL Logan, in addition to being a Director of the 77th IDROA and another veteran of the 307th in the early 1960s, is also President of the 307th IVS. He spoke to the group about the role of the 307th in World War I and World War II, and the history of the 307th IVS. Mr. Schade spoke about the creation of the Memorial Grove by veterans of the 307th beginning in the 1920s, and the more recent contributions of the 77th IDROA and the 307th IVS to the restoration of the Grove and the replacement of several memorial plaques which had been stolen over succeeding years.

All three emphasized that members of the 1-307th of the rank of E-5 or above are eligible to join the 77th IDROA, and that the Association is grateful for the continuing support of all soldiers who share the lineage of the 77th and its constituent units.

Photos of this event can be viewed below.

1-307thStaffRide-081214_064 1-307thStaffRide-081214_0638
Battalion CSM Timothy J. Jackson, unidentified soldier, CPT Matthew K. Hilderbrand, unidentified soldier or family member, COL Louis H. Sudholz, Jr., COL Edwin G. Logan COL Edwin G. Logan addressing members and families of 1-307th TSBN (with LTC John W. Peterkin seated next to Mrs. Ann Peterkin)
1-307thStaffRide-0812140644 1-307thStaffRide-0812140643
Members and families of 1-307th TSBN Front row: Miss Simien Johnson, LTC Terrance L. Johnson (Commander, 1-307th TSBN), Battalion CSM Timothy J. Jackson

Ceremony on 14 March 2014 Dedicating 1-307th HQ Building

At Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ
To PFC Martin O. May, MOH (WWII)

On 14 March 2014, the 1st Battalion, 307th Inf. Regiment, hosted a ceremony dedicating their Headquarters building to Pfc. Martin O. May, a Medal of Honor recipient as a member of the 307th Infantry Regiment, 77th Infantry Division in World War II!. PFC May, at Ie Shuma in the Ryukyu Islands, manned his machine gun despite intense Japanese fire. He repeatedly refused to withdraw, even after being seriously wounded, and held his ground until being killed. He was credited with killing at least 16 Japanese, and for being largely responsible for maintaining the American lines in efforts which later resulted in seizure of the mountain stronghold where the battle was fought. For these actions, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on 25 January 1946. May, aged 23 at his death, was buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Dedication Ceremony opened with remarks by LTC Johnson and the showing of a short film about the Battle of Ie Shima, followed by the unveiling of a wall plaque in honor of PFC May outside the front door of the building. This unveiling was accompanied by remarks by CPT Anthony D. Giammetta, 1st Bn, 307th Rgmt. This was followed by a reception indoors, featuring a large cake with an elaborately decorated coat-of-arms of the regiment. There is also a display case in the first floor lobby of the building, containing PFC May’s uniform and Medal of Honor.

Attending this Dedication Ceremony on behalf of the 77th Infantry Division Reserve Officers Association, at the invitation of LTC Johnson, were: COL Louis H. Sudholz, Jr., President, and fellow Directors CSM Sammy C. Sablan, MSG Jeffrey J. Mott, and Mr. Malcolm R. Schade.

Please view the photos taken at the ceremony, found in the Photo Album tab under News and Events on the Web site."