About Us

The 77th Infantry Division Reserve Officers Association, Inc. was organized as a New York not-for-profit corporation, effective as of 7 April 1958, for the purposes of perpetuating the history and traditions of the 77th Infantry Division, which date from World War I, and promoting social ties among its members and veterans.

The regular membership of the Association currently consists of officers and non-commissioned officers (E-5 and above) who have served in the 77th Infantry Division or one or more of its successor commands or units, from World War II up to the present time, including members of the current 77th Sustainment Brigade and 1st Battalion, 307th Regiment.  The wide diversity of troop units in those commands has included combat, combat training, and combat service support units; medical personnel, engineers, civil affairs, military police, military intelligence, USAR schools, and the JAG, among others.  As of 2015, we have over 200 active members residing in 19 states and two foreign countries.

The Association’s Board of Directors meets monthly at Fort Totten, New York during the months of September through June, and at other times as required.  Regular social meetings for members, spouses, guests and friends are held in New York in the fall and spring.  (Articles and photos about recent meetings can be viewed on separate pages under the “News & Events” tab of this web site.)  In addition, the BG Russell Wright Detachment of our Association holds social meetings and other activities in Florida.

Important Association projects over the years have included the donation to Arlington National Cemetery in the 1970s of a memorial plaque dedicated to the Unknown of World Wars I and II, the renaming in 2002 of the Clearview Expressway in Queens, New York to the US Army 77th Infantry Division Expressway, the establishment in 2002 of the World Trade Center Monument and 77th Memorial Grove at Fort Totten, and improvements in 1998 and 2012 to the 307th Infantry Regiment Memorial Grove in Central Park, NY.

Each year in November, our Association holds an Ecumenical Memorial Service in the Fort Totten Post Chapel to honor members and friends of the Association, and other 77th Soldiers, who have passed away during the preceding year.  Immediately following that service, we hold a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the World Trade Center Monument in the 77th Memorial Grove, which has been sponsored by our Association since its establishment at Fort Totten in 2002.  (An article with photos about the most recent such Memorial Service and Wreath Laying Ceremony can be viewed on a page of this web site under the “News & Events” tab; numerous additional photos of those and other such services and ceremonies can be accessed from the Photo Albums page under that tab.)

Our Association, in conjunction with the 307th Infantry Veterans Society, Inc., also has conducted annual Commemoration Ceremonies in the 307th Infantry Regiment Memorial Grove in Central Park each June since 2006.  (An article with photos about the most recent such Commemoration Ceremony can be viewed on a page of this web site under the “News & Events” tab.)

Our newsletter, "The Lampette," is published electronically and on paper in the winter and summer each year, and copies of issues from the last several years can be viewed here on this web site.  Our educational, historical and social missions are also carried out by updates to this web site.

Since 1970, our Association also has sponsored an annual West Point Award to the graduating cadet who ranks highest in National Security & Public Affairs.

Click here to go directly to our Membership page in order to view and print application forms for regular membership in our Association.  Qualifications include current or former service in the 77th ID, 77th ARCOM (including 77th RTU), 77th RSC, 77th RRC, 77th SUS BDE or 1st BN, 307th REG.