Help For Your Loved Ones

Recently some members who passed away did not maintain a file with their DD214, discharge, separation or retirement papers. The families were unable to arrange for a military presence at the funeral, could not get an American Flag and were unable to use a national cemetery.

Members are encouraged to establish a "casualty assistance" file and make it readily available to the family. Do not put it off. Do not use your safe deposit box to store your will. The bank will freeze access to your safe deposit box until your estate is settled.

In addition, your family should call the following as soon as possible.

• Local Social Security Office or 800-772-1213

• Local Installation Casualty Assistance Office

NYC Area 718-630-4930

FLA 813-828-2712

or HQDA 800-626-3317

Overseas 703-325-7990 (Collect)

• 77th Inf. Div ROA 718-352-5666

For retirees receiving benefits call:

• Defense Finance Accounting Service 800-321-1080

• SBP Annuitant 800-435-3396

• DEERS 800-527-5602

• VA Insurance 800-669-8477

• VA Grave Info. 800-697-6947

These numbers appear in each issue of Army Echoes for retirees.

Calls should also be made to all organizations, military and civilian, e.g. ROA, AUSA, VFW, ROTARY etc., to notify them of the death of a member. Some of these organizations automatically insure all of their members.  If you wish to be buried in uniform, make sure it is easily located and that all insignia and awards are properly positioned. Please take care of these things now. Apprise your family of the file and uniform locations. Now forget about it. All is in order. Enjoy!